With this magic material no pot will not remain dirty

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With this magic material no pot will not remain dirty

Usage: Wet while wiping edge, the outer membrane in use before you cut a circle, exhausted.

If the rust was severe, please moistened with cleaner better.

Notice: Pls don’t completely stripped shell When using it just strip a little. more water more effective! wearing gloves when use it , as the material will hurt your fingers, use with caution!

After use please rinse and place out of the reach of children!

Color: Randomly,no color choice

Size: 5*2*7cm

Material: Microfiber

Package Included: 1Pcs * Clean Stick



Weight0.05 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm
Brand Name:


Model Number:

Cleaning Detergent Stick






Metal Rust Remover


Kitchen Brush



Size :


Kitchen Brush:

Metal Rust Remover


Outdoor Home. Kitchen/Hotel Resturant

Stick wash brush:

Wash Brush Pot Kitchen Cooking Cleaning Tools

Wash Brush Pot Kitchen Cooking Tools:

Stainless Steel Rod Magic Stick Metal Rust Remover


Good use,Easy Clean,convenience

Wholesale Support:


Package Include:

1 * Metal Rust Remover Clean Stick

Delivery guarantee:


104 reviews for With this magic material no pot will not remain dirty

  1. V****r A.

    Bought 4.12 received in Moscow 7.01. not yet tried in the work, but I think everything as in the description!)) Good luck!)

  2. L******a E.

    I take a second time. fiberglass. thin protection-is a plus, but the open on both sides-it’s a minus-itching. I took in another place more thick and closed. thick packaging cut only a hot knife, but closed and thick. обугленную dishes cleans very well.

  3. G***a H.

    As all. the star. finally, i mean pots new again. the gas is a bright shiny hard. now.

  4. A****y K.

    The order came. I advise everyone who wants to quickly and easily get rid of contamination to the metal! a little rubbed, the result on the face!

  5. E***a B.

    Is incomprehensible crap, I will try, but it seems to me that the garbage

  6. N*****a B.

    I decided to try and honestly, ofigela “. the result on the photo without effort application.

  7. S******a A.

    4 weeks to Moscow. in fact, not tested. then I will add a review

  8. M***a T.

    As described. Came in 15 days. Works miracles, it scratches the surface though so have that in mind for coloured pots. I cleaned half of my pot with this product and half of it with another specialised sponge that was more expensive. Both worked but I would recommend this one for more hardcore dirt on the pots because it really takes it out easily.

  9. D***a V.

    It cleans well, but a little scratch surface-for it 4. delivery fast.

  10. Y****a Y.

    Good clean, really need to apply a force and patience. work gloves!

  11. L******a B.

    Good “помошница” in the kitchen, ordering not the first time отчищаю pots outside and kettle and gas stove and etc. word good “squabble.”

  12. Customer

    long shipping but product worth it! Really useful in kitchen with dirty pan

  13. A****w S.

    The design the stone. very dense structure. almost not yet used no dirty посудины))) in which case, I will add a review later (with photos)

  14. T*****a C.

    Standards, but the miracle did not happen. effort to put a lot!

  15. Customer

    Came within 20 days. not yet polzovalas. will leave after having an additional review.

  16. G*****y L.

    A good thing, but that’s scrub inveterate fat-you need to make great efforts! нашатырь + soda give the same effect …. so if you want to rub with all his 2 hours all The griddle-order! in general-works! delivery 2,5 months-a very long.

  17. Customer

    Stainless steel perfectly clean. Red pans paint стрëрлась. telodvizheniy have to make a lot for the result. the same is obtained by using paint, that brown for polishing. this can be rabltat only with gloves t. k. Glass is abraded and scatter. not happy with the purchase. polishing cloth body before painting is much more efficient and use lighter.

  18. D*********d V.

    I will not say that just a miracle product and I’m ecstatic, but the brushes it is very scratch the surface) will be used but most book-no)) Well, I think each for the price want to know what it is and how it works, take))

  19. A***n F.

    All gut! thank you! A material similar to carbonfibre or fiberglass or фиберглас!

  20. N***f K.

    SHIPPING DURATION: fast (29 days) */* QUALITY: excellent */* PACKAGING: excellent */* MATCH DESCRIPTION: match */* SELLER: recommended good store */* DISADVANTAGES: there’s nothing */* THE PRODUCT: very cool, I am very happy, Not yet tested, thank you.

  21. Customer

    A normal thing, but very inconvenient to use!!!! be sure to do this gloves!!!!!!!!!!! it’s like wool.

  22. Customer

    Mo reached parcel in 3 weeks. As for me this thing turned out to be useless. t. k. it can be clean only the bottom of the pots and pans or чугунки for stove strong deposit. may try to clean Grille Grill BBQ. my the dishes in the brush does not need-t. k. we have electric cooker glass ceramics.

  23. O****a C.

    Long gone. but did not get used. to look like the picture. in fact later add

  24. M****a G.

    Parcel arrived this month in Tver. very small I thought to be more. really want to try whether my сковородкам.

  25. I****l B.

    Perfect, came as appropriate and accord to what is indicated EVERYTHING By the store.

  26. M**y D.

    Just a miracle, I laundered pan in less than a minute. before trying to wash melamine sponge. the photo shows that the sponge is not handled. my girlfriend said that they Jewelry such a thing of polished.

  27. A*******r G.

    Funny thing and necessary in an economy, will still be ordered. I read the reviews, but did not expect that will actually очещать. mne not big deal clean the pot. easy to press, and after a few movements black отлетат starts. does not compare with sandpaper. for all put 5 stars. photo after cleaning.

  28. Customer

    Fast delivery. cleaning aluminum frying pan result is good. Property molded abrasive powder form crayon.

  29. Customer

    Hello if Mr with this article’m very happy and According, By this I I 5 STARS .. But By these 3 Things im not happy at all because nofuncionan the CD-ROM that you have sent me the camera 7/5mm LENS mircousb android otg usb This EVERYTHING in Chinese and not it I shall Put on installation and the qr understand as it not working. this the wecast c2 RK2928 missing las pplications and have problems To power download them of the internet. and las 10 LAMPS from First time i am complaining that are spoiling and defective do not work. this as you have sent PHOTOS EVERYTHING and videos But you not do me EVENT any I creo that the system guarantees not fuciona with you.

  30. M****a S.

    I took the old pan эфек certainly good, but on the smooth surface and in hard to reach places takes bad. in principle, I liked I advise.

  31. Customer

    Good price, good quality. Delivery to Czech republic 21 days.

  32. Customer

    To Peter about a month. I take a second time. pots and pans shine. impossible to paint!

  33. D*****a F.

    I try again, all ok with the product. perfect store

  34. W****k P.

    Item match the description. Fast delivery. I will test it soon. I recommend!

  35. A**a D.

    I’ve just got it and I already checked it. It’s great! Below pictures “before” and “after”.

  36. A*******r L.

    Щакащала three pieces everything came as soon as the than try to write!) or give zalovke)

  37. D***r S.

    With the task of this thing does well. Cleans dirt resistant, only need to give a strong depression. delivery fast.

  38. A*n A.

    Shipping 1,5 month there is a peculiar smell. when the beat does not clean.

  39. V***m D.

    It cleans well, worth the money! came to the Amur region about a month!

  40. Customer

    All like the others. very long shipping. I hope soon to try the case.

  41. D****s V.

    Ordered 1/3 received 4/4. Good value declaration. Very satisfied Happy Easter

  42. T*****a P.

    Delivery month, the track is not monitored. with the same picture in fact not prbovala.

  43. V******r S.

    A great thing, to Irkutsk 25 days tracked, cleans well, you can take)))

  44. N*****a K.

    Came somewhere 3 weeks. really very good scour burnt, salvation for oven effortlessly)

  45. N*****j L.

    Come quickly enough for 14 days. It cleans not bad but you need to make an effort) generally satisfied. ordered 5 pieces. I recommend.

  46. P***r K.

    Speed of delivery, great satisfaction,super,super !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. S***e K.

    Cool stuff. It cleans well. heavily soiled surface need to brush a little longer. I took for aluminum pans. now shines like new

  48. E***a B.

    Order came 3 months. neither of which is not cleaned them.

  49. M****a S.

    02.04 ordered, 22.04. were at the post office. the quality when using the happy. I ordered for myself and girlfriend.

  50. E****y K.

    Delivery fast, visually everything is good. from what is done is not understood but on hands remains abrasive. look in reality! the store thank you!!

  51. L**a S.

    It would be more stars I would put more… it’s very cool thing… I will order more and industrial scale! I even did not expect that it works… just 10 minutes and kettle that traveled with us in trips to the nature and warmed at stake will continue to function in the kitchen, With a year-old burning… for the sake of interest rubbed first sponge iron, and then this волшебнятиной… the result is grand… even climbed to the hard to reach places…

  52. R**a S.

    it helps but you need to put some for for it obviously

  53. E***a R.

    Highly recommend store, goods tracked, though not a large amount order was

  54. I***a G.

    Term of protection is over, the goods did not come. the store did not extend protection, the dispute did not come. nerves my right, for that and thank you.

  55. E*******a S.

    I bought 5 pieces. my mother is necessary! I bought for 32,75 rubles. and about 17 rubles back through cashback, a trifle, but already have more than 8 thousand. recently gave them a card (came in 2 days!)!!!! all the time regret earlier that it did not know!!! return the money for all online shopping! now almost all purchases do through this site (home appliances, food. all known internet sites!! 5 i accumulated for almost 4 months. cashback-service cooperated with more than 900 online shopping money has many ways output. go through this link choose the right site and order! if зайдете my link, then get премимиум account which valid for 30 days!

  56. S****y A.

    To Moscow less than a month, only tracks in China. clean, but need нехилое effort needs to be improved, one end to hide tape itching after application. if when cleaning use cleanser it is not particularly scratch. in the kettle left half of the cylinder. A good product, but it takes a lot of effort, itches your hands. cleans, fast delivery. good store.

  57. J*****a P.

    Happened after 27 days. and have dziala, napisze as sprawdze ..

  58. Customer

    Test it like it is same but i didn’t in description.

  59. Customer

    I did not understand that this is a miracle crap since she got lost somewhere on the road. the money was returned.

  60. K*****a S.

    Chistilka fiberglass length of about 5 cm small! soap gloves! certainly before the new state is not wiped off-but the result is visible! one pieces 2-3 frying pan/pan enough maybe she wears! definitely recommend to buy! the store did not communicate

  61. A*******r T.

    I do not know, it is and how it works. I will try on the pan.

  62. L**y N.

    Principle: take a little packaging загрязнённой rub dry place. Use only with gloves! of fiber.

  63. E***a Z.

    The store sent the order through 3 days after the order, the order was more than 40 days (thanks to e-mail), the track is not monitored. good product (the bottom of the pot to clean). thank you seller

  64. C****e L.

    Very good product quality excellent, fast shipping us 31 days received. good store highly recommend you serious. very good selling ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ merci beaucoup star 5

  65. Customer

    Fast shipping, przyznam that not yet próbowałam, but kupiłam with polecanego link czytałam lot very positive feedback 🙂

  66. C*****o P.

    Firm and meet the Function pull out BRIGHT, But you have Cut with much strength To it is brightness. i bought 20 Units To all my family xd

  67. I**n K.

    Super! at first did not believe but the result was the best!!! I advise everyone.

  68. K*********3 K.

    Came quickly. not yet used. then I will add a review

  69. S***a K.

    Thank you. It cleans well. but in hard to reach places clean difficult

  70. L*****a E.

    The order went almost 1,5 months. I have not tried. packed horosho. spasibo

  71. E*******a S.

    I ordered 2 times. but this time they have not reached (((store returned the money immediately on the 5

  72. S******a F.

    Not much in the given in description just like the effect, I think him pencil, but no, actually brush and millions of small needles be careful, so as not to drive them up. It cleans well, thank you.

  73. N*****a D.

    2,5 months before the mo. super long. I thought that would not come. the work did not try. feels like sandpaper, there is no smell. later otpishus

  74. D*****y K.

    The store and the brush recommend!!! 5☆☆☆☆☆ great thing really scour soot on pots and pans. this bunch стекловолокон (not to be confused with glass :). who would have thought that is an easy solution good use fiberglass. receive the cylinder, отрезаете knife about a centimeter (carefully do not cut a lot of fiber). and the brush to a mirror shine!!! showed women work in action and the result want to all. and I have only one. shorter than ordered all just 50 pieces. only found in 2 times cheaper so I ordered here when you buy one piece can not important and when 50 it is a 1 thousand. no matter where you take, not regret. thing in the kitchen essentials!!!

  75. I**n S.

    Finally reached posting. after the test I will add a review about the operation)

  76. A**a K.

    Goods went pretty long. in fact I did not try.

  77. S******a A.

    2 months went to Kostroma region, in fact, have not tried

  78. M****a R.

    Pencil reached fairly quickly. unfortunately not yet on what to try it, but judging by the reviews should be the effect!

  79. I***a D.

    It really cleans the dirt but leaves little scratches. But really works. I like it.

  80. A**a T.

    Came almost 2 months in Moscow. super, I did not expect that really washes pans. I will be ordering more

  81. E***a P.

    Ordered on April 10 received 24 of May. all packed together. tested immediately. in general, cleans not large scale but if there is a metal sponge for dishes that thing it loses. more than suitable for garden or places where the water to wash the dishes лимитирована.

  82. A***a T.

    Handles, commodity pleased better to чистило, it is necessary to add detergent. washed do not end up since the relief pans are not allowed

  83. Customer

    Works good at getting stains off metal. Warning it is compressed fiberglass, not recommended on cooking items. Shipping was good and price was awesome sauce. Recommended store.

  84. V******a A.

    Shipping a little more than a month. in fact have not tried

  85. A******a C.

    I would not say that scour without effort. and scour everything and not on all surfaces.

  86. V*******a A.

    Shipping 2 month. premise is not monitored. packed in a small envelope. it is not clear what to do, but it’s worth it.

  87. I***a N.

    Track does not service a) but it does not matter) this brush and scour all pans but really it scratches, Compared with sponge sponge won!

  88. N****n O.

    Description when the items arrived but haven’t tried yet. deneyince will feedback. m. thank you all

  89. I***a J.

    To extend the protection, I had to open a dispute. and on May 31 received. really very nice clean bottom pots and сковород.

  90. T*****a K.

    Shipping 2 month. in fact not yet tried. strange but more than 2 is already paid shipping, so ordered from two stores with a difference of a ruble and free shipping.

  91. N******a S.

    Photo the same unit dishes. rubbing a long and hard but it’s worth it

  92. O****a V.

    Shipping more than a month (21. 04.-01.06.), but it delayed in Russia, so bystro. no smell, not yet tested.

  93. V******r C.

    Liked the brush, spend on all 100%. I will be ordering more. I would recommend!

  94. S******a V.

    The order was less than a month, the track is not monitored. pots cleans well, but the pans with good in touch do not scour.

  95. N****a M.

    Satisfied with the work shop! work quickly. after payment immediately sent. to Almaty posting was 3 weeks. I think it’s fast. I tried to clean the. with надавливанием, and effort washes. but went allergies. seems like a brush made of fiberglass. I did not like. put 5 stars only for the work shop.

  96. E***a E.

    Come for a month, not monitored, but the administration. as promised-clean))) rust on metal is not tried)) but эмаллированную dishes washed)) seems to me fast end-it as a piece of chalk-grinds the operation. if you like in the future to order several stuff.

  97. I***a

    All as in the description. I have not tried, but the effect it will certainly. микронаждачка sponge. need to order more. one on long enough.

  98. M***a D.

    Cool thing! The truth is not all dishes easily wiped off, had to try) and pan for 10 minutes to clean! I will order more

  99. Customer

    I take not the first time. it is a miracle scour thing metal utensils with a bang!

  100. V*******v G.

    Ordered before the MSK 14.05 received 13.06 packed just in the package. best vesch for dinner. cleans perfectly and not hard. the store did not communicate all monitored. recommend the seller and the purchase itself such a thing will not regret))))

  101. A*****y V.

    Premise is not monitored. оттерает perfectly. thank you.

  102. V*******a T.

    Reached in the past month. the track is not monitored. not yet tried in the case.

  103. Customer

    It is wrapped in foil plastic tubes. like as in the lamps light. but soft. scour. but for a long time. does not scratch. I think the film quickly fall apart. advance обмотаю wire.

  104. T*e B.

    It’s the last day the protection expires, the store did not respond to messages

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