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High Quality Portable Oil Brush

Material: silicone rubber, plastic, glass.

Color:Random Color


Package:1 piece Oil Brush

The product is dustproof, brush head, high temperature resistant, easy to clean. The brush can be disassembled and cleaned, bid farewell to the greasy, dirty brush! After using the lid, prevent dust from entering into the oil, press type rotary can be closed, convenient and sanitary.

Weight0.07 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 5 cm

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silicone rubber, plastic, glass

185 reviews for High Quality Portable Oil Brush-Free Shipping

  1. I**r S.

    Parcel arrived 05.01.2017, although ordered 11.11.2016. due to is likely due to holidays. a commodity and well-made. my mother happy.

  2. O**a P.

    Posting monitored but I unfortunately premise is not reached, lost on our mail. the store no complaints.

  3. I**a K.

    Consistent with the description, no smell. I hope will be comfortable.

  4. Customer

    Shipping 1 m, the whole, there is no smell, silicone all product. very useful thing for the kitchen, works! Thank store! I recommend!

  5. Customer

    Size large, thought to be smaller, but one drawback-leak oil, despite the threaded rubber…

  6. A***a D.

    Very good quality) thanks to the store, will he be ordered

  7. Y**a P.

    Brush ordered for a friend. the appearance was bigger than i thought. soft, pleasant to the hand. I think will be good.

  8. R*f T.

    Funny thing certainly not yet used, does not smell. I recommend

  9. I***a A.

    Oil dispenser liked. silicone odorless. to use showed himself perfectly. I am happy.

  10. E*******a G.

    Dovolna. more than it seems in the picture, but it is even +

  11. A***a P.

    Patogus silikoninis teptukas alieju patept keptuvę. Patogus laikyt. Teko pratęst apsaugos laiką, nes siuntinys užstrigo Lt pašte. Thank you! Recommend!

  12. T*****a B.

    Excellent brush, Silicone, not small. all ok. delivery 2 months

  13. Customer

    The brush is great, Capacity is silicone, stable but it is soft. there is little smell, stood in содовом solution and washed, the smell is gone.

  14. A********a C.

    An interesting thing. jar as silicone brush. have not tried yet

  15. O**a B.

    I waited sooo long! to look great. will try tomorrow to use (блинчиках).

  16. I**a S.

    Order to Tomsk was 1,5 months. no smell, a very good thing! everyone happy, thank you store!

  17. M****a R.

    Order received. all as in the picture. very comfortable. soft brush, airtight. thank you.

  18. Customer

    Delivery to the Crimea 1,5 months. all the whole no smell, the quality is excellent. have not tried. the store thank you! I would recommend!

  19. K********a M.

    I enjoyed it, it is a pity that the that you can not choose the color, I wanted green, but orange too personal) quality silicone, I’m happy)) thanks

  20. O**a V.

    Ordered 11.11 received 17.01. Gizmo ужобная, at the connection does not leak.

  21. N**a P.

    The goods are good, even more than I expected size.

  22. A*******a S.

    Go to Yekaterinburg 2 months. goods are good. recently found in store for such a wonderful brush already for 500r! this is not nearly as good!

  23. A***m V.

    Order was 2 months. is not monitored. brush quality recommend it! the store is good.

  24. N***i C.

    Very handy thing glad that ordered. there is little smell, but I think after washing will take place. it would be all cool if it had a cover on it. I recommend store.

  25. T*****a K.

    The order came for 35 days. the store gave a link to track on the website address in Rssii, but the track is not monitored. when the order came, it turned out, the track was another number. thank god all came. as normal, although there is the smell of rubber and the material is more like rubber, than selikona.

  26. N****************a N.

    Thank store for fast shipment. very comfortable brush immediately with oil, for those who often bakes rolls.

  27. F***a M.

    Super brush. very happy. expected a little size I was pleasantly surprised-size is good more than expected. very convenient and necessary thing.

  28. E***a K.

    Thing is very good, high quality and really comfortable nothing is leaking and do not shed, everything is fine. just a pity the store ignored my request to send the brush green color 🙁 but nothing, orange, too beautiful. rekomenduyu

  29. E****y D.

    High quality item, we are happy!!! very comfortable in the kitchen thing oil dosed good quality silicone and does not smell! I advise the store!

  30. E***a R.

    A little more than a month to Rostov. good quality completely silicone, very comfortable. thank you store.

  31. V******r R.

    Goods correspondence according to the description when ordering. parcel arrived in the whole package and without defects. oprobyval immediately in operation-the thing is very convenient and necessary!!! bad very long order went from China to Russia (Khabarovsk) almost three months and not tracked order promotion carrier and mail!!!

  32. D***a F.

    Came orange. ok. I will use

  33. Customer

    The order came very quickly. not yet tested. but thank you for efficiency.

  34. Customer

    Posylka shla1, 5 months. butylochki odorless, though not the color which ordered and packaging will be tough was selikonovye. na not really tried.

  35. Customer

    Brush was taken for 3 weeks. I try to work, I will add a review. the appearance on 5 points

  36. N*****a K.

    Very long!!! Good thing, the store did not communicate. ordered elsewhere, hope-come faster

  37. G*****a I.

    In fact, not yet probyvala not very much that the capacity to fill oil silicone, somehow unstable can under the weight of the oil will be fine

  38. R*******v K.

    Came less than a month. longer in Ekaterinburg somewhere lying. in the ECAT all came somewhere for a week +/-. the thing is very good. characteristic smell initially present but after washing disappeared. to use convenient. packaging is normal. for this little thing more is needed. thank you store.

  39. E*******a M.

    To Omsk order went 83 days… рррр… and I want for the delivery of 1 star to give natural most of the way to Russia. the quality is good, silicone odorless closes tightly enough, tested water does not leak.

  40. N*****a R.

    Delivery mega long, more than months due to the fact because of Novosib goods went to Yekaterinburg and spent more than a month 🙁 ( Gizmo is good, but it is not clear how to use. the brush is inserted into the canister and not breathable. like oil should fall from the spray paint on the brush, not untwisting brush?

  41. L****a I.

    Funny thing, full silicone delivery fast two weeks before the Moscow not yet used, but I think that is very convenient to use for the lubrication of molds for baking. In general I am happy.

  42. S****y L.

    Commodity content. came after the expiry of delivery.

  43. O**a P.

    Very very long gone. but it was …. as in the picture

  44. O****a L.

    Shipping is very fast for two weeks came goods liked funny thing and convenient

  45. S******a Z.

    Very handy thing. fast delivery, ordered on January 23 came on February 8. it is silicone and it is comfortable. brush as in the pictures. Thank you very much the store.

  46. O****a P.

    Went three months. several times opened dispute. the order came цеоый, all consistent with the description. happy with purchase

  47. N*****y P.

    Bottle for oil convenient when cooking on противене and frying pan with silicone fibers tassels.

  48. D***a B.

    Delivery to Voronezh 65 days the track is not tracked by Russia. tovarom happy.

  49. G******a A.

    High quality and tedious thing for baking pancakes, for example)) to my liking liked, shipping was fast to Moscow thank you!

  50. S***********a S.

    The order is received in the mail within 30 days from the date of order, track before arriving in Russia… very nice brush, soft silicone, no smell. order!

  51. O****a V.

    Good thing. Convenient in application. To Moscow time went 3 weeks.

  52. N*****e Z.

    Seller thanks for fast delivery. all in one piece. not yet used.

  53. T***a M.

    Very cool thing! made qualitatively, dealer sociable, and now about the terms ordered on February 3 took on 22 February unrealistically fast Mego fast! I recommend and I will be happy to order more!! thank you store!

  54. U*******a Y.

    Completely silicone, does not stink, thank you fast delivery

  55. E******a Y.

    Silicone, no bad smells. satisfied with the order.

  56. A*******a D.

    Delivery to St. Petersburg more than a month. funny thing, more than expected done carefully. I think to use it, if not, I will add a review.

  57. J*****a B.

    Super practical, some leak, it need not in set underwear set saucer worldwide

  58. A*****o A.

    Oiler good fits the description. does not occur (checked with water). Seller recommend.

  59. I***a K.

    Good and convenient brush, capacity of soft silicone, easy to press. I recommend and goods and the store.

  60. M**************3 M.

    The order came for two weeks all as described I recommend store

  61. A******s E.

    Item is made of soft silicone, very handy because it is easy to squeeze. Also has a screw-on cap, so it doesn’t come off when squeezed. Fast shipping, 2.5 weeks to the Netherlands. Recommended!

  62. L***v L.

    I do not know how it in, have not tried yet. but disappointed that it was even with a small but the marriage. and not pleasant trifle. put five in advance

  63. O****a V.

    February 19 sent, and March 8 has already received. all as in the description. soft silicone, no smell. the track is not tracked by Russia. I recommend.

  64. I***a M.

    The Republic of Mordovia reached parcel in 2 weeks! track tracked in part. the store did not communicate, it was not necessary. responsible seller, parcel sent on the day of order. commodity pleased. handy thing.

  65. Customer

    Handy thing, due to the small hole oil consumption is minimal. perfect for frying kebab on the grid, промазывается everything. went 2,5 weeks.

  66. O**a K.

    The store sent tovvr quickly. the goods arrived after 1,5 months. est zapah.

  67. E******a B.

    Full silicone. brush on the thread))) though, and so you can pull, if desired, but sitting tight!) in the hand hole прикрывалось оплавившимся material I have inside cut off, there is a neat hole. a great thing!) I recommend!))

  68. I***a J.

    Funny thing… comfortable… I liked and went long

  69. T*****a C.

    Long wanted the kitchen this brush. quality is pretty. I recommend and goods and shop. the store good luck in business.

  70. A**a R.

    Very good and useful thing! comfortable size. no smell.

  71. O****a V.

    The track is not monitored. goods was less than a month. the store did not contact. vse in opisanii. rekomenduyu.

  72. A*a G.

    Really liked the brush. and the price for it more than acceptable.

  73. J***a J.

    The order is not received, but the money was returned, so put 5.

  74. G******a A.

    Ordered a second, was very long, quality is good no complaints, upset, ordered pink, and sent orange

  75. L****a F.

    Long delivery. goods are good. convenient to use.

  76. S******a P.

    Convenient dosing maslo less consumption. upset only Russian mail-10 days before the border and about two months across the expanses of Russia бескрайней…

  77. I**a S.

    Ordered 16.01 came 16.03. silicone brush, the tube is also (soft). Hole продырявила itself (it was be scheduled). thank you and good luck in business prolavtsu

  78. Customer

    Good plastic-I liked, comfortable thing!)

  79. T*****a H.

    High quality good, fast shipping excellent communication. best 🙂

  80. G****a M.

    Soft silicone jar soft brush. not yet tried in the case, but filled with water, after the thread does not leak. the only negative asked for green sent a red.

  81. Customer

    Very convenient device! pancakes, only pies lubricated! the store is good. I advise you to buy. silicone fluff on the pan does not melt. convenient to distribute the contents of the jars (oil, egg etc)

  82. Customer

    Soft silicone. a little odor was present, on the balcony weathered now there is no smell. thank you store.

  83. E*****j S.

    Finally came my масленочка, judging by the time went on foot to Khabarovsk, to look pretty a little приванивает, I think erode and then try it in practice.

  84. S****y K.

    Ordering not the first time excellent product quality. corresponds to the description. to Tyumen delivery 1 month. I recommend

  85. O***a B.

    Came quickly. funny thing) is very convenient grease tray

  86. R****a M.

    Commodity pleased everything fits, in fact the size even more, than it seems in the picture no complaints, shipping a long course

  87. E***a K.

    Shipping to Moscow took a little less than a month. packaged well, to use I also really like. a lot of oil did not like so always had вымакивать wipe excess. Well, pancakes oven is now very easy.

  88. E***a N.

    Mom happy so quickly come!!! thank you very much!!! 🙂 super!

  89. N******a N.

    Before the Murmansk region was posting month. souvenirs hosts-just right!

  90. M****m S.

    Come for a month. brought home. the track is not tracked by Russia.

  91. M****a Z.

    Item corresponds to the claimed. at the opening of a plastic smell, but when washed the smell was gone. in action is not tried, but I hope good thing. if the review. by the way the store the goods after 5 days sent, and went three months.

  92. L****f T.

    Sent in the past month. not tracked. I thought to be smaller. commodity pleased.

  93. K**********1 K.

    The quality is good, no smell. floor road is not monitored. I liked it, got what expected. thank you store.

  94. N******a P.

    Thank you store! product very much. imagined smaller size turned out to be larger. even better. the material is soft, nice. convenient and necessary thing. I advise everyone. Checkout was a month and 10 days.

  95. A***a S.

    Ordered 28.03 in the mailbox put 21.04 to Kaliningrad. the brush is great!

  96. E***a C.

    The track is not tracked but the order came. the store sent the right color at my request. butylek was larger than expected.

  97. S******a S.

    Very good helper in the kitchen… super… I recommend!

  98. F*******6 F.

    Order came quickly. track to track, but with a long delay. the track goods flew and I took the mail. in the brush, there is little smell. and in general thanks to the store.

  99. F***r S.

    Delivery in Pyatigorsk 3 weeks track to track. goods match the original description. well packed. Brush quality is excellent. roomy, well closed, easy to wash, not much comfortable to hold in hand-irreplaceable thing for the kitchen. I’m satisfied. thank you store.

  100. Customer

    Ordered on March 12 received on April 29. the volume of about 70 ml corresponds to the description. the store did not communicate. tightly closed the photo shows hole from which flows oil. smears well enough.

  101. M*****s S.

    The brush is great for pancaces baking. store recommend.

  102. M****a K.

    Very convenient brush delivery fast, big enough if you compare with mug slightly smaller.

  103. A****a T.

    To Nizhny Novgorod went a month how much convenient otpishu later when I try

  104. A***n N.

    All happy. a great thing, very long waiting love cooking pancakes, now it will deliver even more fun. thank you store

  105. N******a I.

    The track is not tracked was 2 months. fits the description. happy with order

  106. L******a G.

    Shipping 1,5 month I thought the brush will be smaller straight, even as it is not usual, usually the other way around) hope to erode the smell

  107. N***a N.

    Delivery month. premise is not monitored. a good thing, comfortable.

  108. Customer

    A great thing, very comfortable. in the Belgorod region came in 18 days.

  109. O**a S.

    To Moscow was the order month! the track is not monitored. in real life this thing had more than in the photo. use has not tried! I recommend store!

  110. V*******3 E.

    Good plastic without постороенего smell. delivery on time.

  111. A*******a V.

    Delivery month before the Archangel! received in the mail! apparently all correspond to the description. no odor! in fact have not tried! the use-I will add a review!

  112. M****a L.

    Very handy thing, there is no smell. vse as in the description came in time. thank you.

  113. G****a K.

    Mo posting was 21 days, I asked to send the green, I received orange soft, as in the description.

  114. M****a K.

    For some reason I thought jar plastic and it is silicone, uncomfortable twist cap. but the whole thing funny)))

  115. Customer

    Fast delivery to the Moscow region. tested in practice. satisfied

  116. L****a S.

    Very useful and convenient thing) thanks to the store for delivery in perfect condition)))

  117. D***a B.

    Is hard, collapses, item quality, red thing does not fall, it is quite easy to pull out.

  118. L****a A.

    I liked the product. soft brush. I think the tube is sealed.

  119. K***a V.

    The order arrived in St. Petersburg for a month, in a bag of thick silicone, odorless, have not tried in fact

  120. A***a T.

    Everything is fine and pretty fast! delivery took three weeks. I think that in fact too will perform its function. I am happy!

  121. I**a S.

    The order came to Yaroslavl went from 15.04 to 18.05. the track is not monitored. it’s small package. funny thing, silicone covered. thank you

  122. E******a A.

    48 days was not monitored. a small hole is stable.

  123. T*****a L.

    Thank you store, product quality, very good right in the kitchen, soft silicone, handy thing, I’m glad. good seller. fast delivery. I recommend.

  124. S***a K.

    Eta thing went 1,5 months. very soft, silicone. I liked the correct thing. thank you.

  125. M****a A.

    30.03 ordered, sent 12.04. 23.05. a very long time. good quality container soft silicone

  126. I***a N.

    Very handy thing. in the photo seems smaller but very comfortable and practicality. there is no smell.

  127. Е*******а Г.

    Very long delivery, track does not rest up, not yet used

  128. Customer

    Goods bought is not the first time. came six weeks. Good product.

  129. S****y K.

    Order was 1,5 months. the smell of silicone is almost there. in the cooking is not tried.

  130. I***a D.

    Received the brush. not the same color as ordered, well, okay, most importantly пришлаотзывы use yet.

  131. M****m T.

    Came quickly to look at quality, not yet used

  132. T***a M.

    Great product, order a second time. the store, umnichka delivery fast, I recommend! no smell, very handy thing.

  133. I***a L.

    Brush oiler good full silicone. easy to use, I like. I recommend store.

  134. Y********a S.

    Corresponds to the description, came a whole. the work has not yet tried. the order returned the cache 7% http: // epngo. bz/cashback_index/isf0in

  135. E***a A.

    Delivery month before the Khabarovsk Territory. no foreign smell. like, used, comfortable. the brush of silicone soft sticks. capacity 60-70 ml. Brush is screwed into the can!

  136. N**a A.

    Excellent quality. top and bottom of silicone. the smell is almost there, pleasant to the touch thing. the work did not try, maybe then I will add a review

  137. N******6 N.

    Came for 2 weeks. the oil is not leaking. had to pierce the hole. pan. handy thing.

  138. E***a P.

    Goods of good quality, their functions are carried out! soft silicone base, product is odorless. the valuation is low, t. k. the store ignored the request, send blue coloring! goods was 1,5 months on the road, I recommend

  139. D***a P.

    Today received the order Fast delivery went 18 days!!! dovno wanted, very necessary thing, only when lightly pressed all silicone quality is great sposibo prodovtsu for the goods and fast delivery!

  140. A***n G.

    Have not tried in cooking, but it looks safe. delivered quickly, thank you

  141. E***a S.

    Thank you all came quickly great store recommend!

  142. M*******2 M.

    The goods are good, there is a strong smell but I think that will pass. in fact have not tried

  143. Z*****n I.

    I wanted green but received yellow but otherwise all ok. pretty

  144. Customer

    Posting was a little less than a month. bottle brush and silicone. there is a smell. came with a little marriage inside the jar ring under the thread is not smooth. jars carved was smeared with silicone, remove it easily with a finger, thread is not affected. jar is soft, can be folded in half, but stable. I liked.

  145. Customer

    Ordered two but separately with trekkodami, if you order the 2 shipping fee. came at the same time in different packages one with an orange tassel the other green although the store color selection was not, only green. Green came with a little marriage (written in other reviews) orange without marriage.

  146. A*******a D.

    Came three weeks) thought would come green, and orange come)) but not terrible, in the economy is very handy thing))) thank you I’m happy with order

  147. S*********a T.

    Goods delivered for the month from the date of order, put directly to your inbox. Brush is very good, full of soft silicone, no foreign odors, the color which has come ordered. the work has not yet tried, all like should be ordered.

  148. L**a F.

    Goods came to Kostroma in a month, there is a small smell in fact did not use, the track is not tracked the store did not communicate

  149. M*******a S.

    Shipping three weeks in Krasnoyarsk 🙂 have long wanted something like this! came across accidentally :)) cooking pancakes a godsend! very comfortable!!! advise!!!

  150. Customer

    Cool stuff, comfortable! everything is super! The only negative-the track is not tracked!

  151. V*******a N.

    Cool thing, the quality is good, I will try in-write.

  152. O**a S.

    29.03 ordered gained 15.06.2017 in Rostov-on-Don. no smell, soft silicone, but there is a small marriage-there is no hole the photo shows, so the four stars.

  153. E******a G.

    Took a pancake. very tiny and easy. oil consumption is small. I recommend

  154. E***a C.

    Goods completely satisfied, I received a blue. in the Krasnoyarsk region came in 17 days. in stores this thing is worth 2 times more expensive.

  155. Customer

    Excellent product came quickly!!! thank you store!!! I recommend the seller!!!

  156. M*****a T.

    Great product! thank you store!!! I recommend!!!

  157. E***a S.

    Bottle of super!!!! very comfortable! I ordered all the relatives and friends.

  158. E***a D.

    Good silicone stuff. all as in the description. I recommend the store)))

  159. A**a K.

    Brush was long. somewhere and a half months. as well as торм. there is no smell. have not tried

  160. F****a M.

    Product matches the description came quickly recommend store.

  161. A********a T.

    A good bottle. easy to handle. generally satisfied with the order

  162. D******a G.

    It’s in the city of Norilsk for almost a month goods like, it’s all safe and sound, corresponds to the description. the store did not communicate, did not have to.

  163. K**************2 K.

    30.05 ordered 26.06 came in the Nizhny Novgorod region. the track is not monitored.

  164. G*****w S.

    All ok. cool gadzet for kitchen 🙂 ps. dziekuje for green color ….

  165. A*******r O.

    A good brush. I think will be comfortable and practical to use. delivery month before the Nizhny Novgorod. s store did not need to talk

  166. K****a I.

    Excellent! waiting for a second, I ordered two different parcels in one day, came for some reason only one

  167. L***a T.

    All is well. fits the description. the hole is not cut through.

  168. V*****1 V.

    What is expected. a good thing for the kitchen, I use to lubricate the pans when cooking pancakes. very comfortable

  169. V*******a S.

    A great thing-silicone, odorless, comfortable shape grease or griddle for pancakes, really like. posylka came quickly, recommend store.

  170. S****y K.

    Brush is very comfortable to use I will be ordering more))) soft silicone, there is no smell. posting was for a long time ((

  171. N*****a M.

    everything according to description.

  172. A*******a S.

    All out agrees. cool gadget. recommend.

  173. M*****l Z.

    it’s useful thing.

  174. D***s N.

    All super!!!! thank you!!! I recommend!!

  175. G******a B.

    super thank you

  176. V******a G.

    No smell, tightly twisted, only had to do in the hole, oil flowed) and quickly came)

  177. O****a P.

    No smell, comfortable, I thought to be smaller

  178. I***a V.

    Peter nedel! thank you store!

  179. M****n J.


  180. Customer

    Cool thing, a very useful in cooking pancakes.

  181. V******a B.

    Very happy with the order, I recommend the store!

  182. J*****a G.


  183. N*****a G.

    The order did not come, but after the opening of a dispute store returned the money

  184. R****m A.

    Everything is fine! the truth is very long!

  185. E***a Y.

    Order received, a good thing, will order more

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